Monday, October 9, 2017

Giving Up

In the name of Allah the Omnipotent One (al-Jabbar), The All-Prevailing One (al-Qahhar) and The Extender (al-Baasit). Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. May Allah swt cascades His blessing upon all of you. Aamiiin … 

When life getting messier and horrid, be quick to get the vaccination! Sailing in a cruise doesn’t promised a lavish experience, not even a safe and sound landing. Phew ~ It’s part of introverted me talking. 

Discreet and subtle ... 

* * * 

Giving up isn’t the only option you have in life. Steps you take justify what you’ll faced in the future. Some said, “You never know what the future holds.” Yes, indeed. 

Somehow, I tend to pair that up with, “The future is in our own hands, we decide today what we will become some other day!” Reach out of your comfort zone to define your success. 

As a normal homo-sapiens alive, every inch of our lives is an option. Rather you choose it wisely or harshly. Allahu. It’s an honor for you to embrace a silence pattern inside. 

However, the silence can bite you inside piece by piece too. Beware my dearest. You can seem cheerful and jubilant outside but only Allah swt can tell what storm beats you deep inside.

Feels like giving up on something that doesn’t trigger your excitement anymore? Feels like all this while is a waste and not worth anything? Feels like the worlds around you is an enemy to you? 

No worries, it’s normal my dearest.

Giving up subsidized by many strong factors such as; too tired of having unreasonable tasks assigned, not being acknowledge due to over-worked, being held back for too long and many more.

Waste and not worth it if all this while you’re trying to pleased other human. Remember, we can never make other people satisfy with us. The one that we need to please is Allah swt which never missed a little thing you did, not in a blink of an eye. SubhanAllah! MasyaAllah!

This world is never an enemy to anyone or anything. We; as a complicated and special creation by Allah swt, always thinks overboard. 

Come to think of the assumption you’ve made previously can tickle your heart! Hehe. How come your brain manage to gather those squeaky thoughts and collect negative vibes? 

Answer it yourself ~ haha. Allah swt made this world for us to manage, not to be stress upon it. Allahu!

If only giving up can solve so many problems, why there’s still a lot of people continues their life well? Instead of giving up, they choose to divert the direction and perform incredibly remarkable through it. 

They widen the horizon and deepen the arena. Allahuakbar! 

Energize yourself! Boost up your inner confident! Pull over and take a deep breath


Recite basmallah and 1, 2, 3 and 


* * * 

Dispersion positive vibes doesn’t leave you lesser. Believe me, it will accumulate and growth.

* * * 

Listen here;

BE someone who stay and keep giving … 

BE someone who stay and promise a safe place to turn to … 

BE someone who stay and recall when needed strength … 

BE someone who stay and keep other smile in return


ALLAH’s always be there in giving lots of gifts … 

ALLAH’s always be there in giving you peace when grief … 

ALLAH never fails to sent you strength in need … 

ALLAH never fails to sent you someone to make you smile and 

understand why HE put you through this :) 

Alhamdulillah thummalhamdulillah, thank you Allah; 

YOU always done the best and surprise me better than ever!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Akad Nikah

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim … Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullah my dearest blog visitors.

My heart urges me to share, but little than I know; I haven’t got enough space (time) to mingle myself here. Haha. Again, me and my rumblings so in-sync like always. My entry today meant to have a tiny throwback. Yes. Throwback to the end of July when my beloved sis getting married! 

Alhamdulillah thummalhamdulillah :) On the Friday morning, I drove in a quite nerve-wrecking mode to the event which took place an hour journey from my place. My happy mood glows to the entire town. Hihi, exaggerate much! Well, the place was not too familiar but never mind; the happiness and joy inside me overtook everything. Bismillahi tawakkaltu ‘alAllah

To cut the story short … the event merely starts around 10 am. Luckily, this is the first time I’ve ever seen the beautiful correlation between Malaysian culture and Yemeni’s. SubhanAllah, truly beautiful! I’m amazed with Allah’s will. The ‘akad nikah’ aka solemnization went well and smooth, packed up with the translator (Arabic to English + Malay Languages) and of course the tears of bliss! 

I sat beside her mom. No words can’t describe fine, what kind of tornado thumping inside her heart. What I remember is; I keep on hug her, pat on her shoulder and hold her nervous hands. A hand of a loving mom that has so much worries inside her. Only pearls of tear running from her sad eyes. Oh my ~ 

Being together in an event that gathered all the family members and close friends tend to make my heart flutter. Even it wasn’t mine. I guess the baraqah surrounds, make my heart at ease and jumping high. Allahuakbar! Small ceremony, with separation between male and female guests. Allahu. The ambiance contributes a lot. 

My sister’s journey was an extraordinary one. None similarity like fairy-tale. The ups and downs through ‘hills’ and ‘mountains’ deserves a standing ovation. The patience and having faith to Allah’s plan put her to where she is meant to be with now. 

Mabrouk my dear! Your other half complete you in such a perfect combination none can deny. I’m truly happy for you dear, ever since the moment you first slip in his story during our met-up early this year.
Allah made easy for both of you :) 

*          *          *

So, when is mine? Only Allah the Best Planner knows it all :)

I guess Allah azza wa jalla being too nice to me whilst I’m not a deserving servant. Allahu.

HE send me lots of friends lillah which keeps closer even when they’re married.
HE shows me which one treat me as friends for benefit and vice versa.
Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah!

I seriously understand. Friends come and go but friendship because of Allah, will never be apart no matter what the reason is.

That’s why I’m bless with different circles of friend I’ve. Thanks mates, you’re meant a lot to me beside my family members! May Allah the Protector keep all of you safe from any harm, Aamiiin. 

❤ Spreading loves ❤ 

Friday, June 23, 2017


Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, Allah al-Qaabid, al-Baasit, al-Khaafid … 
in the name of Allah the Restricting One, the Extender, the Reducer. 

Ramadhan Kareem 1438 Hijri to my dearest blog visitors and blissful silent readers that never give up to hop in here, even though there’s no latest post updated at all. My bad hehe. May Allah showers His baraqah through this holy month of Ramadhan. Allahumma Amiiin!

Be in the holy month that keep all Muslims awaits patiently, say thanks to Allah … Alhamdulillah thummAlhamdulillah. I guess even the not-yet Muslims does feels the calm atmosphere of this month. Allahu

* * *

Silent … Observe … Brave … Empathy … Rational = SOBER 


SOBER as in other words called clear-headed and restrained. Hey, I’m not going to be an English teacher today; nor I’m capable in doing so, daa~ I’ve been missing the tempo in jotting down one of my ‘thingy’. Concluding the phrases under a form of abbreviation.


A state of keeping the mouth shut literally and keep shutting down to any reaction physically. For all I know, silent is the best treatment when it comes in between situation that hesitates the hearts to take part. Silent always be a winner, either you like it or not.

Say things tend to be misinterpreted by many. Somehow, here comes the idol which done nothing but heals almost everything. Well, the prayer also frequently take place in silent. That’s the prove of a beautiful quotation; “Silence is golden.”


See beneath its beautiful or falsehood. Yes, I illuminate ‘observe’ as simple as that. Use your eyes and heart inside to observe. Pack it up with your rational brain, then you’ll be able to understand what lies beneath everything. Everything you see not exactly shows what its really seems.

What an advantage if someone has this kind of ability in them. Yes, it’s definitely an ability. People used to talk as in giving response by not giving themselves a little pause to put the mind in lucid state. If the reaction is too fast, the shameful appears as fast. Allahu. It’s always us that expose the deficiencies in ourselves. Restrain yourself and observe heartily.


Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: Messenger of Allah said, “The strong man is not one who is good at wrestling, but the strong man is one who controls himself in a fit of rage.” 
[Al-Bukhari and Muslim].

Why am I stating brave and the act of controlling anger? Brave used to be pair up with the ability to be angry and pump up in loud circumstances. That’s not parallel in Islam which teaches peace and patient.

Brave to speak your principles and mind up. Brave to defend what you should defend. Brave to show how you see the world in your legit perspective even its rare and distinct! In the last phase of the world, as Muslims we need to straight up and behold to what Islam teach us. Brave to the practice and always remember Islam began as something strange and will revert to being strange as it began. 


Oxford dictionary define empathy as 'the ability to understand and share the feelings of another'. Correct! It’s a bless to be able to understand to the extend feels what other feel at the same time. Always put yourself in others shoe to comprehend what you never experienced.

Nowadays, human always compete to be the first, the earliest and the best among all. Sigh. Keeping their mind tangling and questioning, “If I can do it, why can’t you?” MasyaAllah, don’t you realize that your capability is by the will of Allah too. You as in yourself can’t never claim it’s yours anyway. 

What a shame. Make your heart at ease by clearing up the deepest understanding of others. It’s never a waste, trust me!


I guess this words appear once up in the above paragraph. Of course, you need to be rational and sane. Hehe. Insane people not count in any discussion; Islam does not burden them not even with a single sin. Once their sanity vanishes, the responsibility does too. How beautiful Islam’s teaching right? Alhamdulillah. Say thanks to Allah.

This equation ends with rational to keep the stand of how important to manage yourself in rational state. Rational work in a team with good effort and in sha Allah good outcome. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h. teaches us this amazing manner to convey in various situation. Not even once, he answers nor response to sahabah’s question in unreasonable circumstance. Sollu ‘alan Nabiy … 

Being SOBER helps to improve ourselves as a good Muslim. In specific; good Malay Modern Muslimah! Yeay. May Allah swt ease and light up our journey. It’s still a long journey ahead. May Allah swt keep His sight upon us. Allahumma Aamiiin.

* * *

We’ve come to the end of exquisite calming Ramadhan season, hoping to see this blissful month again next year! May our deeds in this Ramadhan accept by Allah in a stunning package as a token to enter His exclusive Jannah. May our ocean of sins have forgiven and erased by Allah Al-Afuw. May our prayers and wishes grant by Allah Ar-Razzaq Aamiiin.

Happy Eid Mubarak 1438H ^_^ Kullu ‘aam wa antum bikhayr.

Jazakumullahu khayran kathira for the endless support and bouquet of du’aa, because I can feel it my dearest. Thanks again, only Allah can repay the kindness in you! 

*** Photo credit : ctsafuraa's ig to her cute lil baby dhuha sophea 

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Adapt and Adopt

In the name of Allah as-Salam, al-Mu’min, al-Muhaimin … The Source of Peace, The Inspirer of Faith and The Guardian. Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh my dear all. May Allah have mercy on us, aamiiin.

How’s life? Falling into places or breaking apart. Allahu. Just asking. No matter what occasion occurred in our life, keep the mind at ease because we always bear in mind Allah’s help is near. Be positive even it's easier said than done. 

Hearing a lot of my colleagues tested with illness and bits of problem making me realized; how bless they are by Allah azza wa jalla. He’s putting my colleagues in the state of,

“Ask me anything, I’ll grant you immediately!” SubhanAllah.

My nerves feel the vibe of blessing. Allah do test them, but somehow Allah did place them in such higher level in granting their prayers. MasyaAllah. None forces in this world can beat the power of Allah the All-knowing. May Allah swt keep all Muslims in this world safe and joyful. Aamiiin. Allahumma aamiiin.

ADAPT ... A ‘lil piece of sharing today meant to be taken by adapting towards the situation we’re facing. Well, it might not suitable for certain cases. However, adapting seriously making big changes in me. 

From a so called ‘teacher’ point of views ~

Every single year, adapting to a new batch of student is a must thing to do for me. First things first, the equation that I manage to gather is making steps towards adapting process. 

First month of school is the trivial one. The moment of remembering their names and their perseverance. If the first step taken wrongly, awkward phase will follow upon. Huhu. Breaking the adequate wall between us is a requirement. Don’t be too reserved, open up and they’ll try their best to open more widely.

Second month of school is the fresh one. The phase of drawing the line between ‘yes’ and ‘no’ in a very positive way … till they don’t realize even it’s a ‘no’ because they able to understand the ‘why’ behind. Try it and embrace the fresh ambience!

Third months until forever you know them is amazing. Adapting your needs and tally with their mood. Hey, they are human too. Don’t underestimate your students, they deserve an understanding mode too. Not just you. Hearts linking by the creator of the heart. So, pray to Allah to attach their hearts to yours as it happens, everything can relate just fine. La haula wala quwwata illa billah! Be true to them and to yourself too, they can read you even if you fake it. Beware ;)

From a so called ‘law practitioner’ point of views ~

If a simple session of mediation takes place, the advocate or the solicitor will absolutely use this method. Adapt yourself with your client. For the entire session, only one-third of it they’ll respond. The rest is adapting what to response. We’re not encourage to ask too much nor provoking neither. Adapting to give your eyes to analyze and your mind to brainstorm. Different client need a different style of background case check.

Adapting also giving them space and time to gather the believe in sharing their problems. It’s not a simple thing to do by sharing your problem to someone you don’t even knew before. Let them know, we’re here to understand them and ready to be on behalf someone that deserves the justice.

ADOPT … this word reminds me of a lovely person that keep on picking up the good ones out of the bad things. He’s the one and only; my beloved father.

He’s taking everything rare to a new level. Being born in an east-coast of Malaysia allocate a great challenge in everything including education. Let put it this way. My father’s lineages dislike the English language as this language comes from the native of colonialist to their state. 

Therefore, he learns at ‘pondok’ ever since young and continue his study major in Syariah and also Arabic Language. University syllabus doesn’t stop at syariah subjects only. The English Language also a compulsory. Surprisingly he scored excellent despite the environment of him which is not so encouraging. 

I wonder how he practice that after all? Hehe my amazing father just know how to fix things well, uniquely!

More about him, a figure that I adore much J He’s adopt new challenges that never been arose in his life. And, he did it neatly! What a quality that I adore in a man. 

He’s a man with principles. He’s always has his own way of justifying things. In 2017, he might be called a ‘Perfect 10 Man’ lorh. Hehe. Migrating from a hometown to another with different styles of living, doesn’t stop him from make his friends love him a lot.

A person which is very accurate in saying important things, very substance in enhancing the needs and wants, very soft-hearted and practical too. He’s a perfectionist but not even once making others having trouble to fulfilled his preferences. He adopts the positive vibe and spontaneously inspired others to do so without pressure. 

How I miss him damn much! That’s why Allah swt loves him more J

*      *      *

So, if you are new in a certain place; take a deep breath … inhale exhale … looks around and suit yourself to adapt and blend in with others without having essence of hypocrisy. A lot of people might be judging and assuming about you. Answer them without words, just act honestly and keep tightly in mind; Allah’s with you! Allah will help you in making them understands you. Believe me, I’ve been there and done that. Hypothesis proven. Hihi. You’re you, don’t change who you are. Let them know the real you, and you’ll be astonished how distinct you’re. Alhamdulillah.

The step you’re taking … please keep on moving. Don’t forget to adopt any positive vibe that fluctuate along the way. It’s a gift from Allah azza wa jalla in making you the greater you in the future. Set your goal bright and persistent. My recipes of prayer that I always shared it with my students are ‘The du’aa should constantly be idealistic, realistic and specific J

Thanks a bunch for stopping by and reading all the way till the end of my ramblings. May Allah grant you the best out of the best within your prayers and grant us Jannah al-Firdaus.  Allahumma aamiiin. Up until we meet again in the next entry, spread love ❤

BarakAllahu lakum jamii’an