Thursday, September 15, 2011

Time to Speak Up and be Heard

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim … as the entry is going to enlighten about the topic above, firstly I’m eager to say that this is the first entry I write focusing on law field. Before I start mumbling in my mixing phrases, that topic is one of the topics posting on The Star newspaper inside columnist section dated 28th of April 2011, Thursday. Beside I used to scans and reads the article written by Sir Shad Saleem Faruqi under section “Reflecting on the Law”, I glance once awhile to others section that tap my heart to give attention. Then this topic captured me. Written by Mr. Johnson Lim; a young lawyer and happen to be a member of the National Young Lawyers Committee of the Bar Council.

What is there to be said and mean by, “Time to speak up and be heard”? Ok. Roughly the article tells us about young lawyer that; of course at first should feel the pain to undergo chambering session. Am I right? And then, ready to be called as “Pupil”. Next step is climbing up the staircase to sharpen the skills as a young lawyer purely. Not to be forgotten, the young lawyer definitely assured to be pro bono lawyer for a starts. That is good I may say. Why I say be a pro bono lawyer is GOOD? I will explain later, insya Allah. During the attachment, the pain and sacrifices to your own needs are compulsory to complete the package of converting ‘nobody’ into ‘somebody’ is a must-have experience.

More often than not we heard during recess at café or any other place where gathered these young lawyers; the topics that occasionally be the main is the burden of responsibilities and piles of work need to be finished up on time. Sigh and groaning come afterwards. Maybe I’m not the right person nor qualify enough to speaks and give personal point of view about this matter. But my hearts just tell me to :) Listen, and answer. Does sighing manage to change the burden that happens long time before, as a compulsory sub to be a good lawyer? My answer undeniably is “NO”. So, based on Putik Lada’s article; he also agreed that this component never helps any of young lawyers to be heard legally by sighing and moaning all day without intend to makes any changes. Positively, this situation applied to another issues. Action speaks louder than words right? Then, why continuing vomits the unsatisfied feeling among people that don’t have the ‘power’ to change - I mean the three main power sources in law; judiciary, legislative and executive.

I quote some opinion written by him, “Among the problems raised were harsh treatment by senior partners, lack of guidance, training and mentoring by senior lawyers, grossly underpaid, unappreciated, long working hours, extreme heavy workload, office politics, etc. From comments received, it ultimately appeared that young lawyers in Kuala Lumpur are troubled by the poor working conditions and further burdened by the low remuneration.”

Well said. He. A lot of problem found here. So, speaks is done. I’m not touching the function of Malaysian Bar and the Bar Council. Then, young lawyers out there; let us voice out the problems and address them professionally, so that we can be HEARD!

Ops, I’m almost forgotten about pro bono lawyer. This kind of lawyer similar to others based on their skills and the service they opt to served. But there is slightly a different here. Simple language said; a pro bono lawyer is a lawyer that gives the FOC service as their priority. Wow! How nice is that. Wait, it is not that the FOC term means free of any charges BUT he, free from any service charge my dear visitors. So, you feel cheated by the term? Not yet. If you understand this field deeply, there are so many parts that need the money as a medium for preceding the case to court. Even if in certain cases, the plaintive or the defendants in civil cases go for not be represented by a lawyer. The papers (bundles of documents) that need to be certified also need to be photocopied in several different parts (there are reasons why the documents need to be photocopied). Not only that. There are too many procedures included before filing a simple case to court - it will be 1001 nights’ stories if I explain it right here. So, the charges that the pro bono lawyer charged exclude their own personal effort on back-and-forth to courts (or other places that needed to), gas, petrol, fees per hours time days they work on certain cases and so many more :) So, make your own assumption but do think wisely and widely!

Sharing a lil piece of my point of view to others :) Any feedback, please do drop a line at or; if my beloved visitors find anything weird (wrong), he, please correct me. Wallahu’alam … Jazakumullahu khair :) Happy Eid Mubarak!