Friday, February 17, 2012

For Those Who Willing to Listen and Eager to Understand :)

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim …

This sharing involves something that currently surrounding my mind. I’m doing a small research on child witness under Islamic law and some kind of application before Sharia court. Suddenly, this topic comes to my mind. Though, it doesn’t connect fine. But, well I think it ought to be linking somehow. 

What comes first? When I sat back and look upon youngsters nowadays, there are a lot of differences and comparisons between me and them. Yeah, I’m old enough to be compared with them though. Hehe. First look at us seated in school few decades previously. No matter how hard or tense were are to be cope up with rigid rules and tied up with so many principles, we still be agreed and nodded our head without uttering any question on why to follow them. Such a good boy and girl :)

But, how’s our children nowadays? Or, maybe if you are younger than that; how were your little brother and sister? Do they act like you used to act beforehand? You may frizz up your head by thinking of that, right? Sorry for so many question marks above. Hehe. As usual, questioning is a way of answering method of mine ;) 


Teaching youngster urge us to have mountain of patient and creativity. For those who are teachers and lecturers, they might train themselves to be a wall that hard to break upon one stroke by their students. Am I right? The students really know how to make their teachers and lecturers ‘acknowledging’ headache and sharp pain. Wow, the youngsters may despise me afterwards :p Hihi. 

Talent and patience is different by means. Talent is something that grew up together with us while our parents nurture us. While patience is something that we discovered along days up till now. Not many teachers or lecturers have the talent to teach. But the art of teaching manage to sharpen the talent to out-shined others lacking. 

"For those who willing to listen and eager to understand"

This phrases picture on the amount scaled the youngsters wanted to be heard and understood. They will able to listen to what you are saying and they will be able to understand what you are explaining. The price is paying them attention and let them speaks their mind controllable. They never acted as hard as a rock if you are smooth-en your body language as the smoothie pie. Hehe. They are human being. So are we. What we need is what they want. The win-win situation not only applicable among us but between we and them :) 

Be someone that can keep silent and listen. Be someone that can keep smiling and respond. And, be someone that can think and feel just like they do. Whenever you are in a state of listening patiently and understanding accordingly, insyaAllah there will be no more headache and sharp pain to any of you :)

Keep their mind at peace and so will your heart be to. Nothing can be akin to the feeling of being heard and understood. It’s just fine and putting you at ease. For me, it feels like enjoying my favourite meal at my favourite place without someone pushing me to be quick! Yeah. Relax. Everything under control :))

P/S: Thanks for those who always listen good-naturedly to what I’m saying and to whom that occasionally trying very hard to understand what I’m talking about. Love you guys :) And special thanks to my beloved families, teachers, lecturers, friends, mates, and to you; my lovely visitors! May Allah put all of us at ease to what we are intend to do. Amiiin! 

Believe me, when you are listening and understanding; the world never an enemy to you! What you give you get back. What you insist is what you receive. The world is spinning around perfectly! 

Any response or feedback, do mail me :) Just sharing a lil thought of mine. Love you all :)  برك الله لكم