Thursday, April 5, 2012

Been There, Done That

Life spares you spaces to explore with all your dreams. Anyhow, Allah the Almighty promises a safe landing once explores the wrong way. Isn’t it beautiful? 

In the name of Allah, Assalamualaikum warahmatullah to my beloved visitors :)
As usual, daily needs urge me to put a hold on this sharing page for a few ticking clock. Hehe. Apology asked to all of you. Thanks for keep on praying only the best encounter for me. May Allah spread His blessing throughout all Muslims in this entire universe. Amiiin. 

So, what I’m going to share with all of you today? Been there, done that :) Brilliant! I’ve been there and maybe I’ve done a lot of ‘that’ which occasionally harm people. 

Erk. Let me rephrase this sentence ;) 

‘I have been there but not on purpose doing that.’ Hehe. 


What does it mean? 

I’m in the middle of learning about people behaviour and what makes them be like the one I saw. Hurm. 

Try reading that sentence once more to really understand what I’m trying to say this time.

Pardon? Yes, I’m now in the moment to not judging people before learning about them. They always say: Don’t judge the book by its cover. However, the cover always manages to distract our perception before deciding to buy a book. Does it mean that cover makes an important role to represent the content? 

Who agree with me?

New place, new person creating new static and permanent impression :) 

That’s a fact that I collect during my observation. Somehow, it really can change when you open up yourself to get to know and understand why, what and how everything is at place like what you assume. I never set aside the underlying meaning of ‘There is always a reason behind everything that had happened’. True. People need reason but not Allah the Almighty. That’s why Allah always spare a perfect reason to us in order to make our heart at ease everytime He gave us a test. Believe me, when you are accepting everything and everyone heartily, then you’ll find your own peace and happiness! 

Pull over! What I am babbling about? Didn’t I say I want to tell you guys about ‘I have been there but not on purpose doing that’ right? Hehe, my bad.

Ok. I have been in some places and accidently I’m doing something ‘that’. It’s a bit confusing here. Sorry. 

I am referring ‘that’ as my bad. Yes, nobody is perfect. Nevertheless, accepting the fact that you have done something bad is a starting to something good. Am I? 

My analyzing eyes towards other people, sometimes makes me to be ‘illegal judges’. Erk. Not only have that, my pretentious act always kept me safe when doing ‘that’. 

O Allah, please don’t let that manner being part of my permanent habit :( it scares me to death. 

I am sorry to all fellow people for doing that. It’s the act of unconsiously. Dear friends and visitors please don’t do what I have done. So so wrong. Not even a good example to follow. Apologies asked!

Special notes: For those who don't know, there are a few things that habitually making me damn upset and pissed me off.

It is people that doesn’t understand what is the meaning of ‘giving me some space to breath’

and the meaning of the hint that I gave for ‘stop bugging me’.

Masya Allah. I just can’t stand the person that always clinging around me and trying to be like my shadow. Please do it to your own family and stops doing that for me because


Thanks but no thanks <<< a little bit ‘harsh’ but it is a reality and it is true.