Friday, May 25, 2012

Malay Modern Muslimah - Secrets Behind Those Words

In the Name of Allah the Most Loving and Most Gracious.

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah, to my beloved page visitors. Thanks for stopping by and spend your limited times to ponder upon my thoughts :) May Allah Bless us in HIS Baraqah day ~ yaumul jum’ah. Amiiin. 

There’s nothing much for me to share today. In case there’s any of you concerns, why am I using those three phrases as the headlines for my blog? But, first, my sharing today wasn’t on purpose of History lesson ok? Hehe. It must be a relief ya? 

Being ‘me’ sometimes can be unexpected. Yup, a lot of pop-up windows and fluorescent-bulb blinking inside me. Hehe. For the people that close to me and have figured me out, unconditionally they know one of my tiny ‘thingy’. 

I used to utter words rhythmically spontaneously. Sometimes it’ll be a bless but sometimes it’s also kinda freaking me out a little bit (yeah, when the words that came out wasn’t adapting the situation accordingly). Hihi. Blushed. 

Therefore, ironically, those three phrases also came out spontaneously during chitchatting with one of my best sister cum my best buddy of all time awhile ago, before I sign up on Blogger. Towards encouraging ourselves in transforming into better muslimah, insyaAllah we open a table for discussion. Hehe. Table in YM chatting actually ;) 

As our secondary education background parallel, we sort a few things out. Alhamdulillah. We shared couples of similarity in the way on how to see people. No need to tell in details, cause its going to be long. In case of shorten the length of my story, all of sudden the words ‘modern’ and ‘muslimah’ repeated few times within our conversation.

Then, bam! The blinking bulb urges me to use those words 

BUT a question mark appear. Hihi. Modern muslimah? 

Isk. Isn’t complete yet. 3M would be wonderful. In order to soften the phrases, pop up window written ‘Malay’ came up :) Backward, upward, backspace and upright … finally 

its equal to Malay . Modern . Muslimah . Yeah!

Another issue ~ you are a Malay girl, but why you’re insists not to make this blog content fully Bahasa Melayu? 

:) Since I’m embracing my Malay native dearly, I intend to introduce and share with the entire universe without excludes those lovely visitors which have variety of differences from me. Whose not Malay, Modern or Muslimah is not a boundary for the sake of sharing knowledge and thoughts, right? 

Other than that, since my mother-tongue is Malay Language and my daily spoken language also Malay Language, I’m hunger in polishing my English Language usage. In terms of speaking seems harder because of my environment is not longer (present - but who knows soon, hihi) suitable for me to practice, I make used this blog to sharpen them. So, million of apologies asked if I’m using weird and bizarre words or you come across any odd and offbeat sentences :) Seriously, my bad. 

I guess that’s all for now. I’m already promised to you guys, not making this entry as ‘History’ lesson. Ok. Hehe.

Wait. Wait. I have an announcement to make ~ upcoming very soon is new label in my blog … Goldtinted’s Quotes :) So, standby to welcome them and I hope you guys content because I’m sharing my precious patience AND f.y.i quotes is one of my ‘thingy’ too. Lots of love spread to all of my beloved and respected visitors! Barakallahu lakum jamii’an :) Wallahu’alam. 

As usual, any feedback or response, please drop it at or send IM to the same e-mail address. Your thoughts, critics and sharing are highly appreciated. Thanks a lot.