Monday, October 15, 2012

The Other Part of This World

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, alhamdulillah ya Allah ~ for never been apart and continuously, keeping an eye towards my beloved family and me.

Thanks to Allah, the Most Loving and Most Gracious; for protecting and maintaining our motherland country; Malaysia in stability and keep it moving forward in order to stand tall between other countries. Alhamdulillah! You always retain us in safe far from any harm :)

MasyaAllah, Your Mighty is unbeatable and the Most Supreme my Lord. Subhanallah! Allahuakbar!

Dear my page visitors, I wanted to ask one simple question, may I?

Have you crossed with quite a number of people with many differences during your entire life?

My answer is only a little and I’m sure there are many people out there that have only a pint-sized similarity with me but gaping a lot through differences with me. MasyaAllah.

Frankly speaking, I never thought I would be passing by them this close til Allah granted me spaces to get to know them diligently. Subhanallah! My new work place truly spare me dozens of differences to the people I’ve already met by chance (during my studies and working moments) previously. Then, I should embrace this chance tightly. So that, in the end I’m not in a waste by not knowing them profoundly.

* Seriously, my language getting so messed up. Apology asked :(

Differences teach me to be very details and particular in every aspect. When I noticed that they’re way different than me, I started to do a check-lists on my habitual way of thinking and saying things. There’re a few things that I need to tone down and a little things that urge me to broad them widely. 

~ Be sensitive when enlighten something about education or background.
~ Wisely pick the phrases to converse, don’t be too out loud or act like you know it all.
~ Alert with the surroundings and hints given by them.
~ Put myself as a baby in the learning process of taking steps.
~ Don’t be too rough or too soft, be adequate and acceptable for the not knowing anything. 
~ Please always be down to earth, learn about their lifestyles and respects their ways of thinking.
~ Smell the atmosphere conscientiously to react aptly.
~ Bear in my mind that qudwah hasanah always applied anywhere anyhow towards anyone ;) 

Dear my fellow sahabah, lovely bloggers and respected visitors ~ there’re several things I wanted to share on how many beautiful things they taught me.

       a) Time and payment -
My heart touched. Even I know they're not relating their good deeds to any hadith or sayings bout 'every single penny we earn equals to every single seconds the clocks ticking'; still, they pay such a high attention to the time they used. I hardly see their hands stop moving from performing their tasks effortlessly. Then, I asked myself. How about people that paid by their employer in quite an exclusive job? They work while facebooking, twittering and so on. Does surfing social network during working hour included as part of the job specifications? Erm, nope. So? Wallahu’alam. 
b) Speaks the mind -
At first, my heart attacked and my blood might rise up above my head after hearing their words by either questions or just a normal statement. Yet, that’s the way they speaks their mind up. They’re not back-stabbing me nor assuming things that haven’t been clarified by me. They care for me. Subhanallah! How unique way they show their care for me :) 

c) Master to the beginner -
I’m of course a beginner and they are the masters. However, not even once I saw them not replying to what I’m asking their help for. As for the master, they prefer to observe me from far and correct me on the spot. If I asked to show me something, they’re not hesitate to stand up and come near me to guide me. MasyaAllah.

Honestly, there’re lots more beautiful things I learn from them. InsyaAllah, I’ll share them in time. Let’s spot-on our wrong-doings and upgrade our soft-skills in order to be better Malay Modern Muslimah! Allahuakbar! 

May Allah put all of us at ease, aamiiin :) Bismillahi tawakkaltu ‘alAllah. Wallahu'alam bissawaab! Thanks for dropping by, do come again.