Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cab Rank Rules

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim .. All glory sent by Allah azza wa jalla, none of it flows directly from us purely.

Thank you Allah for making all the things falling perfectly without even we realized about it; not even saying thanks … Alhamdulillah


This term flashed me back to my previous study period. Oh yes, I do missing my black and white suit, so do with the stylish court blazer :) Seriously, I’m not going to let those precious moment leaving me far behind. However, it seems that I’m starting to forget how well I’m in that figure. MasyaAllah

Its not some sort of regretting my path-taken, not at all. Never! I do embrace my ownself now. Allah designed my road in such a beautiful way, so who am I to assumed it the other way around. 

Eventhough I’m not going to explain the Cab Rank Rules maxim, but I’m gonna share about my little story with a cab driver last afternoon. Subhanallah! It’s been a long time since (neglect this phrase if it annoys you, my beloved and respected readers ~ hehe ~ so cliche) I hoop in a cab.

No matter who they are, no matter whom you met, no matter how weird the person you’d passed-by; do bestow them with sincere smile. Start the conversation to break the ice. Who knows the conversation you start with, brings you a lot more education ‘bout life. Nobody wonder whom the cab driver previously as who are they in their job before this. Do not think nor assume them low, they do have LIFE. They already be someone great and not impossible great than we could’ve happen to be (no wonder when will).

It wasn’t about the cab driver. But, its all about life and reflection. Me or them; you or them are the same. In the eye of Allah, we’re the same. What makes us different is our good deeds, empowering taqwa and reviving iman (faith). I just wanted to encourage all of us to reflect and see how powerful they’re to be whom they are. Rather than be just ‘me’ and comfortably in our safe zone to be just ‘me’. MasyaAllah, they’ve much more values to be proud of than us in every single way. 

Muhasabah mode ;)

The cab driver may potray themselves as the managers towards us. In the other way, we as the passanger is the client that should obediently follows the rules set by them.

[My piece of sharing today seems to be floating around. Yes, this piece of sharing wasn’t finished on the date I’m posting it. It continued until two to three phase of typing mode.] MasyaAllah. My time management is quite unpredictable lately :(

Ok then, back to the cab driver story. He told me that at one time of his life, when he decided to quit his stable job and be a cab driver. His reason asking for uneasiness and unsecuredness feeling from his wife and family. Maybe, the stability of life making his decision seems irrational and too immediate. However, he does feels that ‘it’s the time for him to find his way to ‘Jannah’ … equal to finding path and guiding his family to mardhatillah. SubhanAllah! He actually finds that his precious time in his previous job has cutting off his time to spend in, looking for way to heaven!

So, where are we standing right now? Are we in the path of farthering away; or taking baby-steps to follow this respected cab driver’s decision? May Allah guide us with HIS light - Nuur to Jannah aamiiin!

So, what happen to his family reaction few moments after? Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah. When we already set our mind to do something good and quickly making the decision by hoping just in Allah, for sure, HE never put us aside. Yes, HE do help him to make his family at ease in understanding the real ‘why’ behinds. Subhanallah! Nobody could blend in with phase changing in life, but Allah does making everything flawless in the way along.

[Conclusion ~ seriously the headlines doesn’t fit with contents, I admit that hehe]

Reflection ~
  • Breaking the ice doesn’t make you loss anything but it sure give you something valuable.
  • Open your heart to acknowledge the ‘treasure’ sent by Allah The Most Glorious and Merciful. Knowledge does come in various ways. Embrace them politely!
  • Just by recognition, the fact that you’re a Muslim doesn’t make you a great Mu’min. Never feels you’re great enough to heads up or chins up ‘cause Allah would never ONLY counting the ‘ilm (knowledge) you have.
  • Put your 100% trust in Allah s.w.t. my dear visitors and respected readers; HE never let us down, not even once!
  • When you’re facing a major breakdown in your life, turn to Allah. Keep in mind that this ‘major breakdown’ is nothing compared to what you already granted pleasantly. Too tiny my dear, then, let’s be an optimistic person alive!

Yeah, jom mujahadah sama-sama :)