Thursday, March 28, 2013

Major Breakdown

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim ... SubhanAllah ... Alhamdulillah ... Allahuakbar ... MasyaAllah :) 

Major breakdown is a compulsory thing to happen in our life. Either we like it or not, it still happens. The vehicle we usually travel with also going to breakdown once in awhile; especially when we’ve passed the time limit to overhauled or service them properly. Whereas, we do love to embrace the moment we’re facing our breakdown dearly, Such a pity situation :(

Actually, what do we expect by doing that?

Do we think that the people that we intended to attract or we adore will present to give us hug and calm us down?

Please, keep on dreaming! Dear my reader that I honored badly, if we do so; than, we have quite serious emotional problem to solve. 

They will not pamper us as much as we’d like them to. However, Allah will do more than what we’ve expected human to act like so so. Like seriously, when we believe that every major breakdown come from Allah, we must also believe that the adequate solutions will be right straight from Allah too :) Yet, we need to pray and recite the prayer more than we used to HIM. Like this aayaah state from Surah al-Mu’min @ al-Ghafir (60):

“And your Lord says: Call on Me; I’ll answer your (prayer): but those who are too arrogant to serve Me will surely find themselves in Hell - in humiliation!”

Yes. Allah will grant our prayers if we asked Him. Otherwise, He will keep us astray and find our way as much as we feel to. That what I’m afraid the MOST!

There’s one famous hadeeth from Hadeeth Arba’in li Imam an-Nawawi tells us about “knowing Allah while we’re at peace (in order to believe that), Allah will know (helps) us during our breakdown phase”. These hadeeth clearly states that human (focused on Muslim) tend to be far from Him while our heart at content or our life full with joyous and moves in the smooth lane. 

If you ponder to care, did I ever face with major breakdown before this? My answer will be ‘Yes, I do. More than a lot and hurts me so bad.’ HOWEVER:- Every single time the major breakdown come across me, I’ll learn new things about circle of life and WOW SubhanAllah! It’s so refreshing :) Sometimes, we didn’t even realized that our circle of life keep on changing and we may forget that we need to be down below; so that we can struggle to climb up soon :)

Take the entire major breakdown in our life as token of love and appreciation from The Almighty Allah! Despite the feeling of blaming or suffocating, it’ll be more positive and lots of practical, yeah! 

Come, join me to counter our fear when Allah awarding us with major breakdown in our phase of life! Let’s pray together that Allah will never detach the bond from us ~ aamiiin :) InsyaAllah.

Footnotes :)

I’m writing this entry during my journey back to my home sweet home by bus from KRSM course (Leftenan Muda) at Setiawan, Perak for five days. I’m going back Alhamdulillah ~ its good to be back ;)