Thursday, May 23, 2013

Series of Life Journey


Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh to my honorable page visitors and lovely friends out there. Ahlan wasahlan wa marhaban bikum :) ~ Welcome to my tiny ‘lil page and tiny ‘lil sharing.

There’re tons of things I wants to blabber about. Hihi. Then, where should I start? Daa … I might answering that myself, right?! Let’s start with couple of months back.

BOOK FAIR @ Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) 

Well, girls day out isn’t a common thing for me. Yup, I prefer coping up myself at home. Hehe. Since my workdays seriously limiting my quality hours at my home sweet home, I tend to feel like that. Furthermore, my principle is; if there’s no important matter to settle outdoor, it’s better for me to be inside my ‘pearl’ house. However, it doesn’t mean that I’m not socializing myself with the world out there. Case closed ^^

The annually book fair held at PWTC was my destination. At first, met up one of my best friend is my main point why I was there. Yet, it happened to be the other way around. Hihi. My workplace organized qiamullail a day before, so I invite my colleague a.k.a one of my dearest good sister to join me. Therefore, we went up by KTM straight to Putra Station. Many things have changed there. No more operations at the nearest building, which somewhat upset me. Well, as the clocks ticking, we also are changing :) I can’t object that thing.

Even though the plan wasn’t happen the way it is, I still can bestow thousands of smile ‘cause a day passes with lots of great things with great people are way too great to be sad about. Yes, the most important things is; 

“We ate such a great food, we pray such in perfect timing, we passes by such millions of great people, and we experience loads of great epic moments.” SubhanAllah! What more can I asked? MasyaAllah!

Books that I bought not as much as last year bookfair I went. Just a few books that I thought would manage to enhance my duty on pursuing the tasks in understanding people :) Life is about learning and it never stops, even if you’re dying to stop them. Believe me! 


No harm in saying the place, I guess ;) Maybe, you guys will googling them after this. Well, sharing is caring and loving. Am I right? This time, it was part of my job to make sure my tail-followers’ safe. Hihi. Do you still remember about my colleague, I mention before this? Both of us are responsible in this task. Outing with more than twenty ++ other girls and one ‘lil boy; sure make us keeps on smiling and cracking laugh along the ‘expedition’. In fulfillment their desire one by one, we need to be wise and adequately in deciding. Fuh~ Alhamdulillah. I’ve set few do’s and don’ts and a taboo! It’s a precaution actually. Hehe. Anxious to know, what is the one and only taboo?

“If I found out that just one of you find it hard to follow what we’re saying or asking, all of us immediately will going back with no delays.” Thank God, it does help a lot ;p

SubhanAllah! The happiness drew in every single faces at the end of the day are enough to explain what their hearts feel. When we met a day after that, they’re even asking when will be our next time :)

O My Lord! I recollect precious moment everytime I went there. How I miss my course-mates so much :( MasyaAllah. Girls, do you all still remember the last day of our final year exam paper when we go there? SubhanAllah! 

11th of  MAY 2013

This date always succeed in making me lamentation and soundless. This date fall on the day of jaulah before too.

This date on this year has finally completes twenty unexplainable years of ‘dunya’ separating with my lovely father. He is the light of my soul, the idol of my determination and the guidance of my path-taken; number one hero of my life. ALLAH loves him more than I do. Al-Fatihah ~

Even, I said I love him millions of time a day still can’t beat HIS love towards him. Astaghfirullahal ‘adzim :( No matter what, I’m proud to say that I’m your only daughter and I resembles much from you; especially in the way of expressing and sensing things. SubhanAllah! Allah makes me understand and know you better eventhough, I only ‘know’ you for not more than seven years :(

“She is the daddy-‘lil-girl that already grown up ... She manages to pass the phase changing in her life with Allah’s will ... She keeps in remembering you when she is facing series of breakdown in her life ... She is doing fine in her life. And, she never stop in putting trust in Allah ‘cause HE never let her down; not even once :)” 


In every workplace is nearly compulsory to have yearly ‘rewarding event’ in appreciating their employees hardwork and efforts. When it comes to this kind of thing, I (as the new employee at new workplace); prefer to wait and see what will happen next. 

There’s quite a ‘big’ thing occurred to me that needs to be ponder upon. MasyaAllah. Let’s drop the case :(  

From my lenient point of view, reward @ award @ trophy @ momento and etcetera will makes people either change to be better or change to be weirder. Ops. Change to be better is good. On top of that, improving to be excellent in performing your job is much better! But, what if the changes is kind of weird and odd? 

Hurm. Like what? I give some examples … immediate friendly, sudden talkative or instant provocative. Erk, too judgmental hehe. Never mind. Ever since then, Alhamdulillah I’ve seen lot of positives changes, rather than the awkward one. Hihi :) Please don’t bother about that, ok?

Oh no, I’m started to miss my previous workplace :( They’re the most awesome people I’ve ever worked with. Sometimes, I feels like I wanted to go back there and ask the manager to employ me back. Hihi. Apology asked boss, you’ve already let me go with generous heart, even I’m giving you such a short notice to quit :D We’re working in indescribable calm environment with honest colleagues and almost infinity ‘problems’. SubhanAllah.

They’re tolerable, transparent and ‘time-fighter’. All of you has carved a special jiffies in my life, thank you! May Allah bless all of you!

BarakAllahu lakum jami'aan :)