Wednesday, May 29, 2013

When ALLAH, Sent HIS Reminds …

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim ...

Time seriously poignant pretty fast than I’d imagine. SubhanAllah, all praised be to Allah s.w.t. HE is The Most Glorious and Most Merciful :)

Reminder. How do you prefer to receive the reminder? Is it in a slow motion way or in the ad-hoc somewhat like? Both ways, I dislike hehe.

Once people said reminder, what comes in my mind is an ‘urgent matter’. Therefore, no matter if it’s come in slow or fast, I still dislikes them to. 

However, as a servant of Allah that worshipped HIM; reminds from Allah is a must-have session! Why? Because a human like me tend to be ‘flying in the air when every single thing seems at ease’. Astaghfirullahaladzim … It’s me who always been like that. I’m not saying this towards others at all.


The term is usually use by either the plaintiff or the defendant especially when they disagree with the opponent's statement towards them. Literally, why does the interest also have conflict? Isn’t only human involve with interest and conflicts? Hihi, scratching your scalp aren’t you :) 

Interest of having the right in something you possess. I do have that kind of interest. Let’s have some introspection in a topic I heard yesterday evening on radio. This one announcer a.k.a DJ travels by flight last few days with his wife. He pays extra few dollars in order to have the seat next to his wife and near to the aisle that particularly have arm-rested seat. Yet, one grandma-like person has seated his seat occasionally. That woman's reason is she prefers to have a seat near her granddaughter. Erk! Hurm. 

Then, he feels quite guilty because of his action in asking that woman to move to her actual seat, rather than his. Maybe, this has lingered in his mind and have been bothering him ever since. I believe he’s having much more conversation than the summarized one. Come to the sense of equality and belonging; the grandchildren of the grandma need to aware what’s wrong with her grandma’s doing. She suppose to act early by not putting her into that kind of situation :)

Consequently, he asked the audience to give responses. Out of several callers responses, I can conclude that everybody is taking his side. The concrete reasons are: 

1.   He payed extra dollars to have that certain seat.

2.   And, that granddaughter of the grandma should pays extra too if the woman tends to have the seat nearer to her. 

Plenty of suggested-styles in asking the grandma to moves seat politely shown by the callers. It cracks me up ;)

In the end, the majority positive comments have pounce on by one review by one last caller. She said that Hafiz (the radio announcer that having this problem) already decreasing his gentleman side by doing that. He shouldn’t asked that woman to moved back to her actual seat since she is a grandma-like status.

Oh my! Hehe, Hafiz just having lots of coolness few moments and bam! All of sudden this lady making him stored up again. Pity on him :(

This genius Hafiz finally found a perfect conclusion to solve his dilemma. Oh yeah! Alhamdulillah his statement making me come to sense of one other important thing :)) SubhanAllah.

He said that if his wife is ONLY his girlfriend; yes, indeed he is in guilt. Somehow, the person that he wants to sit besides is his LEGALLY-WIFE; then there’s no other matters count. Yippie!

Allah reminds me: Right isn’t only the importancy of interest but what the base of the interest is as well :)


This headline is actually a title of a best-seller books I’ve read back on 2006. I can’t remember the name of the author but the contents of this book extremely makes me think hard. He listed several situations that put us in clueless to say ‘No’. After that, he explains why we feels that way and what are the boundaries that limiting us in saying ‘No’ to reject. He enlightens sufficient I thought :)

If possible in not dismayed others. For some of my friends in my previous working-places, they prefer to say that I’m a biddable worker which usually fulfill others wants and needs. Hehe, they actually missed the part where I’m already sharpens my principles (during my law battle-field) in stand to what I belief! Yup, I can help but in my own time-frame :) InsyaAllah!

Even though this book wrote by a non-Muslim author but Saidina Ali k.w. once quoted that: “Don’t look on who’s saying but looks on what he’s saying.” Well said by one of the Messenger's Best Companion :) 

I reflected to what he wrote. He deserves the best-seller author and any noble prizes if he’s nominated. Just looks on the honesty of ethics in his writing. Then, I remembered another one book that physically looks fine but NOT. The title is, “The 48 Laws of Power”. Oh my Lord! This book trains and brainstorms us to transform the tolerable person into someone really demanding and cruel! It’s humongous :( 

Allah reminds me: Allah gives equal rights to us. It’s us who neglects the right without we realizing it. Now is not the time to pointing out whose to be blame on but it’s time to REACT decently!


A wise philosopher, Jalal ad-Din Rumi once said: “Last night, in private, I asked the wise old man to reveal to me the secret of the world. Softly he whispered “Hush!” in my ear: It’s something you learn, not words you can hear.”

How beautiful! MasyaAllah.

He also said once on love, “The garden of love is green without limit and yields many fruits other than sorrow or joy. Love is beyond either condition: without spring, without autumn, it is always fresh.”


Allah does love me, so HE sent HIS precious reminds to awake me from playing-around. HE wants me to realize that I have a mission in this world, not to waste my time on something not-beneficial :) 

HIS love always fresh, HIS reminder comes in different ways each time. Allahuakbar!

Loving HIM is unjustifiably different from loving a person. If I don’t love HIM at first (who creates the feeling of love), how I may found my love towards person (also the one HE creates), then.

How can I show my love to HIM is pure? Come to think of prayers five times a day, which is an obligation towards Muslim. Ahah, it’s the specific time I met my Lord who created love; why should I be late if the mu’azzin already called for prayer. Love is something needs to show urge act not slow and steady. So, can I found love on person who’s on purpose delaying the solah (prayer) and act like nothing happen when the calls for prayer fulls the atmosphere?

Muhasabah and correcting mode ♥  

*** This one is for all women out there ~ an inspiration to keep on struggle to be better Muslimah aamiiin insyaAllah!

BarakAllahu fiikum jamii’an :) Spread loves ♥