Saturday, December 26, 2015

Plain Jane ~ Full of Imperfections


In the name of the Most Graceful and Most Understanding, Allah SWT. 

How are you my dearest and respective blog reader? May all of you shower by Allah with lots of joy and happiness within the baraqah that embracing the life which live to the fullest. 

Before I started further upon, a bunch of sorry asked for my bad and odd phrasing in every sentences structure. Been awhile gaping my life with this kind of personal preferences. I guess this entry is my eleventh (or more than that) attempt in sharing with all of you guys (girls). My bad though :) 

Where do I start? It’s pretty awkward and numb here and there. Well I guess it’s time now to open up a little bit more of who I am now; to keep on inspire and of course to ask good du’aa from all of you. 

Still remember the entry about my awesome colleagues and generous boss? Well, that’s previously back in few months of year 2012. Yet, they’re still my best working colleagues I’ve ever had! Alhamdulillah. 

Want to know what is my job scope there? Hehe. As a normal ‘Pembantu Am Rendah’ in a HQ of clothes factory (producing shirts, kurungs, scarves, man head gear, school uniforms and etc); yup, definitely I’m a so called tailor cum helper and not to be missed appointed in handling factory sewing machines including button-hole creator, button self-sew machine which I’ve never attach with before. SubhanAllah!

Going through several types of absolutely different fields of job makes me feels full of gratitude to Allah the Almighty. Who am I to predict those happen in my Plain Jane’s life? 

MasyaAllah, Alhamdulillah thummAlhamdulillah. 

For a Diploma and Degree holder in Syariah with Law sometimes guard me to stop and just stare at other kind of jobs that particularly way far than this field; but, somehow I end up not just stare, however, BEEN there! Allahuakbar! 

Then, continuing the miracles that invite me in; once again I’ve been accepted as a one year contract teacher in private Islamic secondary school near my hometown starting middle of December 2012. Allahuakbar! Alhamdulillah! Then, my contract has been extended for another six months to pair up with other new contract teachers before going through another interview for official post permanently. 

Am I still there? InsyaAllah, Alhamdulillah I’m still there as a teacher :) that learns a lot from my dearest students! If Allah’s will, 2016 will be my fourth year, there. Thanks to Allah that planned everything so well, as I’m never know what future might hold. 

My life was full of ups and down, chaotic and bless, intricate and smooth, sad and joy too. 

Well, I as a Plain Jane surely not excluded from those moments to occur in life. The peak of my life and my other family members’ life is losing one of my beloved elder brothers by end of November 2014. Yeah, the one that I frequently slipped in my entries on

In order to gather the strength that suddenly flew away was never easy. If only I can put that in proper words, I would pick these sentence to enlighten; 

‘Everything seems like a dream that happen in awake, it feels like happen yesterday and always remembered in every inches of my life.’

Allah, Allah, Allah. 

Al-Fatihah to him. Allahummaghfirlahu warhamhu wa’afihi wa’fu ‘anhu. 

Ever since that, my life completely changes. My priorities also change. My schedules also change. 

“Be strong in order to spread the strength.” 

Yes, that’s began my motto of life. Because I’ve always believe that Allah never gives the test that I couldn’t bear even though I highly doubt my own self at first. Alhamdulillah. Allah never once let me down, never let go of me, never apart from me. Thank you Allah for always had been there for me! Life of a Plain Jane tested, nonetheless, new lesson learned every single day, new skilled discovered day by day. Alhamdulillah. 

Its miracle when you believe! Yes, enormously miracles! Allah the Pacifier, always offers the greatest out of the best. When I was knocked down, He picked me up gently. When I completely accepting whole heartedly the test He sent, He swift the test with a wonderful gift I’ve never thought I’d accept anytime soon. Allahu. 

The same date as my brother passed away in 2014, 23rd of November this year; I’ve been accepted as one of certified Syar’ie Lawyer in state of Kelantan. SubhanAllah! As my long-lost dream come true, masyaAllah. Alhamdulillah. 

Dearly my blog readers (if there’s anyone, hihi), nothing in this world is impossible as Allah always make them possible. Keep on praying, du’aa, and having faith with patience. 

Not to be forgotten, first and foremost; thanks to all of my family members that support me from the start especially my lovely mother that approved the suggestion of sending my CV and certificates weeks before they called for interviewed. Secondly, thanks for my dearest friends that be together in the moment of thrill (you know who you are ^^, the three of you). Thanks a million for busy preparing all kind of great facilities during my previous stay at Kelantan for 3 days 2 nights. May Allah repay your genuine hard work and ease all your day ahead aamiiin~ 

My life circle is more than just works. I may be sharing about it, only to inspire part of your life needs as a Muslim which works is part of ibadah (obligation) that collected an amount of virtue for life in hereafter. 

So, in case somebody guessing if I might stop working (literally) in order to focus in something worth it? My answer: I WILL insyaAllah! As for me anything in life is seriously flexible. If Allah wills it to be like that, then it should be like that :) 

Anyhow, everything is amanah (responsibility) right?