Sunday, April 2, 2017

You're Special ~ Just The Way You're

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. In the name of Allah; al-Fattah, al-Qareeb, al-Wadud … He who Opens All Thing, the Close, the Loving.

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullah, hi there! It’s me again. May Allah swt always protect us from any harm, amiiin.

Hidden and invisible.
Numb and stroppy.
Dull and stale. 

Why all of sudden? Well, me as being ‘the real me’ habitually think sudden things out of nowhere. That bulb which blink in the bright well-lit.

Have you ever felt left out or being isolated all of sudden? Somehow, when you tell other people what you feel, then they will say it’s all about what you assumed. Nonetheless, they think you’re a bit sensitive and easily touched. Huhu. Life circle tend to put us in that situation repeatedly. I’d like to position this thing with two different angles.

Position#1 : YOU as a person who feels the feeling.
Position#2 : YOU as a person who’ve been told about their feeling.

Being in number 1 position ought to make us feels burden inside. Only Allah knows how to explain those feels. Critical to the extend.

Sometimes, you might find yourself at wrong the whole times. No matter how hard you’ve tried your best.

The last choice you had that time is silent and despair. 

Allah, Allah, Allah. Keep on calling His name; so that your heart will be at peace and ease! 

Look for the heal in the Holy Qur’an. Just peek in the book and stop at any pages or aayah. That’s the healing sayings from Allah swt. Give it a try! You won’t regret.

Being in number 2 position keeps you stuck in the middle.

Maybe awkward and hard to find the suitable words to respond. 

Yes. That’s what a reasonable friend should act. Don’t harshly respond nor critics, you’re not at their place.

Allah, Allah, Allah. “He’s always been there for you, my friend. So do I!” Tell them that, so they’ll not feel alone or abandoned. 

Distract the way they think to put their heart at ease.

BY SOME MEANS, everything that always been miserable is the heart. The fragile and tiny one; that can be hardened as rock if you pick the wrong option. Careful my dearest. 

Come to the end of my two cents of sharing and blabbering. Be different and original

Every human being created by Allah azza wa jalla is special in their own way. Bear with the differences in you and be original. That’s what you are! 

Alhamdulillah thummAlhamdulillah.

Look back and say hi to the previous you. 

Tell them, “Be bolder and stronger, you’ll be surprised with what you’ve become now!”

Make the previous you realize, “The best yet to come, just hold on a little bit. You’ll amazed with what Allah has stored and saved for you!”. 

Encourage them to keep on praying and be thankful, “It’s not a waste to be different and original, that’s the point why Allah created us in a different way through a very unique process.”